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Name:The Luidaeg
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
I am the sea witch. I am the tide you fear and the turning you can't deny. I am the sound of the waves running over your bones on the beach, little man, and I am not amused at finding you on my doorstep.
~Chimes At Midnight

If your pup has unusual senses and you don't mind spoilers, here is more info about her, otherwise, keep reading for no spoilery details. Unless your character is a higher power of their canon, please contact me before having your character recognize the Luidaeg as anything other than human. Yes, she is that good of a shapeshifter.

The Luidaeg (pronounced Lou-Shak) is one of the oldest monsters of faerie; a danger to both mortal and fae alike. She is the monster under the bed for all fae, pure blood and changeling alike. She is the eternal boogyman that makes those who are immortal look over the shoulder on dark nights.

For those who have actually met her, she is gruff and rude, often cursing and grumbling about something. She keeps to herself and does not seek company.

If you happen to see her, she appears as a human female (barely into adulthood), with brown, curly hair (typically styled in pigtails held in place with electrical tape), and brown or drift glass green eyes (depending on who she is meeting). She tends towards the shorter side of the spectrum but still maintains a presence that makes people give her space.

The Luidaeg is a First Born of Faerie, daughter to Oberon and Maeve. She is shapeshifter of the protean variety and she is not limited to forms, but tends to remain human with shifts to specific characteristics; e.g. her eyes will turn white or all black if she is really upset or pissed, she will grow claws (very sea creature-like), she can change the bone structure of her face to look different, her teeth can become shark-like or like those of an angler fish, etc.

She is quite powerful in transformation spells, illusions, enchantments, and wards, as well as prophecy and manipulating probability. She also knows a lot about Faerie; its denizens, its tricks, and its history.

She is bound by three geas:
1-She can never raise a hand to harm a child of Titania or their line.
2-She can never lie.
3-She can never refuse to do a service if the person is willing to pay her price.

The Luidaeg comes from Seanan McGuire's October Daye series and belongs to herself and Seanan McGuire. I make no claims for ownership; I enjoy breathing too much for that. I'm just borrowing her voice for happy fun times.

Interests (5):

diet coke, ice cream, seals, seas, stupid changelings

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